For Students

If you are interested in pursuing an undergraduate (BA) or postgraduate (MA) diploma project within the Department of Anglophone Cultures, consider specializing in CULTURAL STUDES (WIEDZA O KULTURZE).

Within this specialization, apart from such general courses as:

  • Introduction to Cultural Studies 
  • British/Irish History, Life and Institutions 
  • American History, Life and Institutions

you will also be expected to attend:

  • Culture and Society (1st semester) – an introductory course about the main orientations in Cultural Studies
  • Researching Cultures (2nd semester) – a methodology-centred course on current research trends and dominant approaches in Cultural Studies
  • Media Studies (3rd semester) – a course focused on mediated communication, media representations and journalistic practices
  • Film Studies (3rd semester) – a course on the theory and analysis of film production, film genres and narratives
  • American Culture (4th semester) – a course spotlighting the evolution of American mass culture, popular culture and subcultures
  • Commonwealth Culture (4th semester) – a course devoted to cultural output of the (former) members of the British Commonwealth
  • Race, Gender and Sexuality in Culture, Film and Media (5th semester) – a course where the key categories of Cultural Studies are employed in analyses and reviews
  • Digital Cultures (6th semester) – a course that considers the role of new media and characterizes cyberculture

All of the above-mentioned courses are in addition to diploma seminars where individual projects are pursued under the supervision of the faculty of the Department of Anglophone Cultures.